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Movie Reviews: Knocked Up, Dan in Real Life, Harold and Kumar

I recently reactivated my Netflix account and I'm going to toss some movie reviews out here every once in awhile.

Knocked Up

LOVED IT. Judd Apatow and his recurring cast members kill me. I've enjoyed 40 Year Old Virgin, freakin' DIED watching Superbad and now Knocked Up. The brand of humor that we get in 40 Year Old Virgin, Superbad and Knocked Up just hits me perfectly. It's funny and feel-good despite the drama contained within. I recommend it.

Dan in Real Life

I didn't know anything about this film, just that Steve Carell was the main character. He's brilliant and hilarious, so I figured it would also be brilliant and hilarious. Turns out.... not a comedy. heh. It's more of a family drama/date movie kind of thing which has several funny parts. It was a great movie and I enjoyed it. Dan's family gets together for an annual reunion... and it makes me wonder if families like this exist. My family reunions are NEVER like they are depicted here. Mostly because everyone in their family gets along and has fun, plays silly games and behaves ... well... behaves like an ideal family should. I recommend it.

Harold and Kumar go to White Castle

This is your standard college craziness movie. Our main characters get really, REALLY high, get the munchies and decide to get burgers at White Castle. Hilarity ensues. If you enjoy this type of movie, I think you'll enjoy this one more than normal. My favorite parts include Neil Patrick Harris (aka Doogie Howser). Very funny. :) I recommend it, but only if you enjoy this kind of movie.

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