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This isn't where I thought I was going to be when I looked forward into my life, but here I am....

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The Thousand Years Weekend

When I got in the car to go to class this evening, it felt like I hadn't been to class in months... mostly because this weekend felt SO long.


In previous weeks I had been making contact with a woman from Chemistry.com and I asked her out for dinner. I met her Friday night at Cafe Tu Tu Tango. She was a nice lady... but she is suffering from MAJOR.... MAJOR health issues. I can understand her desire for a companion... but she really shouldn't be dating. Did I mention they were MAJOR problems? Like on the border of a full auto-immune disease where her immune system loses the ability to tell invader from self and she starts to attack her own organs. I told her in an email after the date that I really couldn't bring those kind of challenges into my life and wished her well.

This was a bummer, she was the first really promising lead from any of the dating sites... and without the medical drama she might have been a really good match.


Wedding crashers! Kyle and Tiffany invited me to crash a wedding they were going to (Tiffany was a bride's maid). I have been through 2 weddings before and I know the kind of imposition a crasher can be, so I was unsure about going. Tiffany checked with the bride to authorize my unauthorized crashing and she gave the thumbs up.

The ceremony was out in Redlands and the reception was in Riverside. It was VERY weird driving back out there, past so many landmarks with all of their childhood memories. The ceremony was very religious, which was also strange to me. I grew up with that, but so few weddings that I've been to since moving to Los Angeles have been so traditional (and I'm not just counting my own).

I had a ton of fun dancing at the reception with Kyle, Tiffany, Theresa and the other random peoples on the dance floor. An internally amusing bit.. the bride, Katy, was a bride's maid at Kyle and Tiffany's wedding and had played match maker with Theresa and I back then. Theresa and I did date for awhile, but decided to be friends instead... but Katy didn't know this. She saw two singles at a wedding.. AGAIN... and said, "You guys are single at a wedding again!" and grabbed us by the hands and dragged us together for forcible match-making. heh. I let her know that we had already given it a try and it didn't work out. So... she dragged Theresa over to another guy. heh.


Spent the majority of it working on this big project in the backyard fixing up this office/shed with Tom and Laura. Lots of hard work, they've done most of it. It was a long, bad day which included drama. Unhappy.


Memorial Day was spent over at Casa de Mullendorf (Kyle and Tiffany's house) with friends, food and Wii-tastic good time. We smote some zombies in House of Dead 2 and 3 and also shook some ass (with a great deal of pelvic thrusting thrown in for good measure) playing Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party. A great time was had by all and I was very happy to have been there.

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