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Should Clinton by Obama's VP?

The Wall Street Journal has an excellent editorial on the topic: Obama's Vice President

It is clear at the moment that Clinton is calling Obama out in public, trying to strong arm her way onto the ticket. I think it's a tough call. On one hand, the Democratic party is really fired up right now and bringing the two sides together for the fight could be a powerful machine. However, as the WSJ says...

On the other hand, having Mrs. Clinton on the ticket wouldn't exactly reinforce Mr. Obama's message of change and national unity. The Senator and her husband are polarizing political figures, popular with Democrats but not with Republicans or most independents. Judging by Tuesday night, the Clintons would want to share the campaign spotlight, which runs the risk of making Mr. Obama look weak.

I have no idea if the increased support would help Obama win the General Election or if the much larger target for political character assassination found in the Clintons would harm his chances of winning the General Election, but I tend to agree with this WSJ editor as he or she goes on to say that if they got into the Whitehouse it would be a constant civil war. Obama would probably be unable to get many things done because he would be constantly fighting off the political maneuvering of Hillary Clinton as well as taking flak from anything Bill Clinton says in the public realm that disagrees in the slightest with Obama's direction or message.

I've heard this from several Clinton supporters...

The implied threat is that if Mr. Obama doesn't offer her the veep post, she'll take the battle to the convention floor and her voters may well stay home in November.

It would be truly sad if these Clinton supporters were going to take their proverbial ball and go home. I hope that these voters are interested in making some positive changes in the Whitehouse by getting a Democrat in there. It isn't the one you wanted, but isn't Obama better than McCain? If you as a voter are willing to stay home in November because Clinton didn't get the nomination then I guess your motivation wasn't for a better tomorrow, because even if you believe Obama isn't going to do as well as Clinton would have... he's going to do better than McCain at fostering the ideals of liberals and the Democratic party.

The Primary was a great fight. It excited a lot of people and dominated the news cycle. These are good things for us. Clinton lost, it's time to accept that now. I never asked, or even thought, that Clinton should concede until the Primaries were over. If I were in her position, I wouldn't stop fighting until all those votes were counted..... but they have been counted now. (ok, technically some superdelegates are outstanding, but not enough to change the decision. They've been asked to choose a side by Friday, so at the very least after Friday she should concede).

Clinton shouldn't let her supporters take their ball and go home. She should get them on Obama's side and she should get them working for him. In my opinion, that is the best action she could take for the Party/Country/Election.

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