We Are The Change We Seek
"i got this" - Kenny Wyland

This isn't where I thought I was going to be when I looked forward into my life, but here I am....

Yes We Can

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Funny Signatures on Slashdot

slashdot.org is "news for nerds" and I enjoy reading all of the comments from slashdot readers. Many of them have incredibly amusing signatures and so I thought I'd share a few of my favorites....

War is God's way of teaching Americans geography.

We're here to preserve democracy, not to practice it.

Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak........

In the 1980s capitalism triumphed over communism. In the 1990s it triumphed over democracy.

I've upped my standards, so up yours.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from a rigged demo.

They're using their grammar skills there.

I am not an addict, I can quit playing computer games whenever my wife demands it of me! (usually nightly)

"If Windows is the answer, it must have been a stupid question." -Unknown

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