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30 Days: Gun Nation

I've been watching 30 Days this morning about a pro-gun-control person living with avid gun owners.

This episode has been particularly enlightening for me. I've understood all of the arguments associated with the issue pro and con. However, what I learned from watching this was not about the logical arguments... but about the emotional component.

The people she stayed with live out in the middle of nowhere. There's nothing but "beans and corn for miles." The gun-control woman lives in an urban area packed with people.

The sound of the gunshot has a sense memory associated with it. For the avid gun owner it's a positive memory. They were introduced to it as a kid while shooting with their dad or their family. They live in an area where the next house is 10 miles away. There is ROOM to shoot.

For the woman living in an urban area, the sound of a gunshot is danger. It means that someone is being killed. It means that in a densely packed urban neighborhood a stray bullet could easily kill a child.

I never really thought about it in those terms. I know it is different for everyone but.... To those in the urban area the sound of a gunshot means death. To those in a rural area the sound of a gunshot means someone is enjoying their hobby. That's a big disconnect between the two sides of the argument.

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