We Are The Change We Seek
"i got this" - Kenny Wyland

This isn't where I thought I was going to be when I looked forward into my life, but here I am....

Yes We Can

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Who is Kenny Wyland?

I am!

Google only kind of knows it... so if you have a website or a blog or something, can you give me a hand? If you have a link to me (or if you have a space for a link and are willing), could you make sure that link has "Kenny Wyland" in it? That will help Google associate my first and last name to my journal.

I found out the search results aren't so awesome for my name when I tried out a supposed competitor to Google named Cuil (pronounced "cool"). Cuil is a new engine created by some ex-Googlers. First... if I have to tell you how to pronounce the name.. it's a bad choice in name. Second... they are claiming to have some seriously awesome results and speed, but they've clearly opened and advertised their system too soon.

I did a vanity search on Google for "Kenny Wyland" and received a bunch of pages that do actually refer to me (they just aren't MY page). I got my Amazon.com profile, my campaign contributions to Barack Obama, some videos that I posted on vimeo.com, and then it starts to get all wacky.

I did the same vanity search on Cuil and received some links to my videos on vimeo.com and then a bunch of South Park pages. I clicked on the links to the videos... and it took me to some wacky 3rd party link farm.

Regardless of search engine quality... help a brotha out! Gimmie some links to my journal here (link to http://www.journalscape.com/kenny/ pretty please) so that I can build some PageRank with Google.

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