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Wow... Some people still believe the Earth is flat.

I just learned about the Flat Earth Society. No shit. I just read through their FAQ. It's seriously, seriously fucked up. Everything is a conspiracy. All countries of the world are conspiring to uphold the myth. All pilots who fly airplanes are conspiring to upload the myth (either that or all of the corporations making navigational equipment are conspiring to uphold the myth).

It's really, really messed up.

NASA apparently didn't spend a bunch of money to go to the moon. They spent a bunch of money developing computers and imaging equipment that they've kept secret.

They think the Earth is a disc with the "north pole" at the center, the equator is at half the radius of the disc and at the "south pole" is a giant Ice Wall that prevents you from falling off the disc.

Here is their "map" including the Sun and Moon which they believe are actually only 32 miles across and 3100 miles above the surface of the disc.

This is just... incredible. These people are absolutely insane.

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