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Fundraising Lesson #1: Don't be a douchenozzle

I'm sitting her studying for my Therapeutics and Herbal Formulae midterms tomorrow when there is a knock at the door. A doorbell ring. Another knock at the door. 2 more door bell rings. Another knock at the door and a person yelling "Hello?!" at my front door.

All within the span of 20 fucking seconds.

She was going door to door trying to get fundraising for the DNC. I politely told her that I've already given my max contribution allowed to Barack Obama and that I'm going to be volunteering with the campaign. She explained that she wasn't with the Obama campaign and that I could also donate to the DNC. I told her that I understood, but that I was already giving a great deal of money and personal time. She continued, this time almost belligerently, saying that I should give more to the DNC. I told her once again that I was not interested in giving more money to the DNC and wished her well with her efforts. I stepped back and started closing the door. She stepped up and put her hand on the door to keep me from closing it and asked again if I would donate some money.

I stopped, took a breath and said, "I appreciate the work you are doing, but do I really have to say this 4 times?"

She said, "I'm just doing what I have to do, you'll learn that when you start volunteering" as I was closing the door.

Guess what? I spent a great deal of my young life going door to door. You know what I've learned about going door to door?

Don't be a fucking douchebag. It doesn't help your cause.

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