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Who is to blame, Georgia or Russia?

We have been hearing a great deal about the conflict between Georgia and Russia. Most people that I've talked to are under the impression that Russia invaded Georgia. When it first started I tracked down several news sources to learn about it, but the story that I received was that Georgia started the fight. The Ossetia region of Georgia was being labeled as "seperatist" or sympathetic to Russia and such. The Georgian forces started attacking/bombing Russian peace-keeping troops stationed in Ossetia. The part we hear most about though is that when Russia responded it responded with an overwhelming force, far greater than was needed to stop the attack. Russia definitely broke the rules too, I'm not trying to say Russia was just defending itself, but my point is that the story we're mostly getting in the media right now isn't fair. Most of the press we're getting is of the "Poor Georgia, Russia is a bully."

Well... I just found this on Juan Cole's supremely awesome blog.... Fox News did a bit with a 12 year old girl who was in Georgia when the fighting broke out, presumably to pull on some heart-strings and garner some sympathy for our government's support of Georgia.

But... it didn't go well.

The Fox News commentator didn't seem so comfortable when the girl and the aunt started saying that it was the Georgian troops who started the bombing and that the Russian troops were actually the ones who saved their lives.

There is no black and white this situation, but the fact that Georgia fired the first shots seems to be utterly lost in the press lately, so it's amusing to me that the voice that breaks with the party-line managed to slip in through Fox News.

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