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Fair and Balanced My Ass

I know I shouldn't be surprised, but I always have to renew my feelings on an issue to be sure things haven't changed.

Fox News showed a "Character and Conduct" investigation about Obama and McCain. I recorded them both and watched them back to back... and it was a load of crap.

Obama's episode was filled with scary music and ridiculous animations of him lurking behind corrupt figures. The standard attack would go like this... pick a person who's trustworthiness has already been questioned in the show, have them provide a passive-voice quote about Obama not committing any wrongdoing then follow it up with an emphasized "BUT" and repeated, absolute, active-voice accusations of wrongdoing.

Obama's character was attacked in this fashion again and again throughout, but when it came to McCain it was mostly "WAR HERO WAR HERO WAR HERO WAR HERO.. savings and loan, but he didn't do anything wrong WAR HERO WAR HERO WAR HERO." During the only part of McCain's episode where they questioned the mere possibility of wrong-doing, they would have someone provide a weak statement that didn't assert wrong-doing. It would only provide the question of whether there may have been wrong-doing and then they would immediately follow it up with another person who would strongly assert in unequivocal terms that McCain did nothing wrong.

With Obama we get lots of blurry pictures of his Pakistani friends in college who "refuse to talk" to Fox News and were known drug users... but with McCain we get pictures of McCain in his flight suit over and over and over again.

I knew it was the kind of crap I'd get from Fox News. It doesn't make me any less ticked off though.

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