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Sarah Palin is not Hillary Clinton

I didn't write about this before because I wanted to write about Obama and his speech first. It was pretty obvious that McCain released the name of his VP running-mate the day after Obama's DNC speech so that the media coverage wouldn't just be all about Obama.

He chose Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. *sigh* It's very disappointing. After slamming Obama constantly for being inexperienced, he chooses a person who has even less experience.

So why did he pick her? He wants Hillary Clinton voters.

Which... is just... fucking ludicrous.

Hillary Clinton actually fights for Women's Rights. Sarah Palin is so pro-life/anti-abortion that she doesn't even support the option of abortion in cases of RAPE. Hey, I know you just had one of the most traumatic experiences of your life that will likely scar you forever, but hey, look on the bright side! You get to have a constant, painful reminder of it every day for the next 9 months!

Several women that I've spoken to about her are offended that McCain would try to manipulate them in such a transparent way that would possibly put Palin in the office of President should anything happen to McCain.

You can read Sarah Palin's wikipedia page, but you have to be careful about anything you read there. During elections and such, wiki pages are highly volatile and subject to partisan edits. However, this one in particular should be taken carefully... because
Palin's wikipedia entry was scrubbed clean before the announcement.

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