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Jon Stewart explains my feelings

Tonight on The Daily Show Jon Stewart was talking with Newt Gingrich and asked him about Sarah Palin and Bristol Palin and Bristol's pregnancy. Jon's statement was much better said than I've been able to say, but is right in line with my feelings on it.

Here's my transcript typed while pausing my TiVo:

Jon: One serious issue that I do want to address is... sort of... close to my heart, the issue of the teen pregnancy. They have said "This was Bristol's decision and we should honor that." I have a daughter. The reason why I think it's fair game is Sarah Palin is on record as saying she would veto abortions for women even in the event of being raped. So what she is in essence saying, "Respect my family's ability to make this decision and elect me so that I can keep your family from having the same opportunity."

Newt: No, that's not true.

Jon: That strikes me as hypocrisy.

Newt: What's she's saying is, you and she can have a policy debate about whether or not Obama's position defending infanticide by abortion doctors was appropriate in the Illinois Legislature. Or whether...

Jon: No, no, this isn't about Obama. I'm going be her words. No abortion, even in the case of rape.

Newt: Obama's position in the Illinois Legislature was one extreme, her position may be the other extreme. That is a policy debate. The minute you mention her child....

Jon: but when it comes down to her family she says "Respect her decision."

Newt: No, she says "Respect the privacy of her daughter" which is very different.

Jon: She said it was Bristol's decision. That was her press release. It was Bristol's decision.

Newt: Right, and Bristol's decision was to keep the child because..

Jon: That's another word for "choice."

Newt: .. because in Alaska today, they certainly have choice.

Jon: I'm just saying, if she was President that choice would be removed from the family and the government would make it which is why I think it's a legitimate issue.

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