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88 year old Veteran talks crap about McCain

At the event, Fox News showed up with a camera and grabbed this awesome old Veteran:

From Obama for America SoCal HQ Opening

She talked a lot about how awesome McCain's military service was as her "lead in" to asking him if he supports McCain... yeah, at an Obama event. *shakes head*

He gave her quite a mouthful though. I'm paraphrasing, but it went something like this:

Fox: Is John McCain's military service and time spent as a POW important to you as a voter?

Obama Veteran: Let me tell you, I served in WWII and I know several people who were POWs. I know people who are still serving in the military and let me tell you something. If you are a POW and all you give is your Name, Rank and Serial Number you don't come out fat. You come out skinny as a rail because they don't treat you well. John McCain gave them more information than his name and rank because he came out of that place fat. I don't trust McCain. Obama is my candidate.

Bahahahaha, I love this guy!

McCain mentioned it in his speech tonight and has been honest about it all along, although he's been willing to let people lie about it for him (like when Bush lied about McCain never cracking under the torture). McCain did in fact crack under the torture and signed a confession for war crimes against the Vietnamese people. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying he's a pussy for cracking, I probably would too. I just mention this because I know that the knee jerk reaction to the old Veteran's statement above will be to defend McCain... and well, both are right. McCain did suffer brutal torture, but the old Veteran's distrust of McCain is founded because McCain did trade military information for medical treatment and did sign a confession of war crimes.

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