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McCain getting confused more and more

McCain said the Wall Street problems this week were the fault of the SEC Chairman and that if McCain were President he would fire the SEC Chairman. The only problem with that is that the Supreme Court ruled the President does not have that power.

After he was told that he wouldn't have the power, he gave another speech in which McCain said he would demand the resignation of the Chairman of the FEC. Of course, he meant the Securities and Exchange Commission, not the Federal Election Commission. He seems to be messing stuff up a lot lately.

McCain says that Obama's mortgage and housing advisor is Frank Raines, former CEO of Fannie Mae. It's not true. In the slightest. At all. That doesn't seem to matter to McCain. Each day shows his respect for the truth is getting thinner and thinner.

McCain tried to attack Obama by taking shots at Fannie Mae CEOs Frank Raines and Jim Johnson for mishandling the mortgage crisis... but screwed it up again. McCain's goal though is to link Raines and Obama so that he can attack through Raines. According to McCain, Raines and Johnson got $25 million and $21 million dollars respectively from Fannie Mae. Ok... seems excessive, but where's the real outrage? McCain says that those millions of dollars are YOUR dollars! That's tax payer money and they stole it from you! Except... that those were private companies while Johnson and Raines were CEOs. Ooops.

McCain is digging his own electoral grave bit by bit.

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