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Palin Still Can't Handle Questions from the Press

Ken pointed me at a story about Palin refuses reporters, only allows camera people at her meetings.

The McCain campaign is setting up tons of meetings between Palin and foreign Heads of States to reinforce the myth of her ability in foreign policy/relations. They want plenty of pictures and video of Palin with these Heads of State, but they can't handle any questions, because that might show her lack of knowledge and ability in the field.

CNN takes the right stand!!
CNN, which was providing the television coverage for news organizations, decided to pull its TV crew, effectively denying Palin the high visibility she had sought.

HELL YES. Thank you, CNN, that was the right choice! If they don't want to give the story, then SCREW THEM, they don't get the airtime either. That's the power you can wield as part of the Press. Don't let them use you. They need you way more than you need them.

I'm going to go write an email to CNN thanking them for taking this stand. I suggest that you contact CNN as well and tell them you are proud of their stance against these kind of manipulative tactics.

NYT is covering the "media rebellion" about being locked out. The media threatened a boycott and the McCain campaign is scrambling to change things up and allow a single print reporter in and a tv producer. "That sucking sound you hear right now is me backpeddling." My friend used this phrase in an unrelated situation a couple of years ago but it shot to mind today.

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