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McCain Bailout Theatre

9/15 McCain stupidly says, "Fundamentals of the economy are strong"

9/18 McCain says as President he would fire the Chairman of the SEC, something the President cannot do

9/20 Article released where McCain says we should deregulate Health Care just like the Banks

9/20 Whitehouse releases bailout plan

9/22 McCain says the economy is in crisis

9/22 Congressional bailout proposal/changes released

9/23 When asked if he supports the proposal, McCain says he hasn't read it. The Whitehouse proposal has been available for 3 days, the Congressional version arranged and spearheaded by Chris Dodd has been available for 1 day. It's THREE PAGES LONG and he can't find time to read it? Not much of a crisis, huh?

9/24 McCain suspends his campaign to work on the bailout, requests to delay debate

9/25 Congress was on the verge of approving the bailout plan, McCain steps in and creates chaos

McCain is conducting theatre right now. There is no substance to his actions at the moment. McCain wants to be seen as the Savior here, but to do he has to derail all of the work that Congress is already doing. Without any substance, McCain needs to rely on crisis and theatre in an attempt to distract from the real election.

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