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Sarah Palin is self-destructing Part 3

Video came out last week of Sarah Palin's pastor... and Sarah Palin. He is laying hands upon her and praying to go to cast out any sort of witchcraft and for God to give her money to finance her campaign so that she can bring Jesus back into the Government.

Sometimes, I wonder if the pick of Palin was so precise that they made sure to attack Obama on different issues so that when Palin could be attacked on those same issues that the Democrats would have their hands tied.

The controversy around Rev. Wright has gotten TONS more airtime than this bit about Palin. It should be off limits, right? When people attacked Obama via Rev. Wright, Obama said, "Judge me on myself." Fair enough! and that's exactly what I'm doing here.

Palin herself is in this video, receiving supposedly the blessings of God for her political career. That supposedly God himself has endorsed her. She is a theocrat. Obama is also a very religious man, but he's stated explicitly that he does not think it is right to legislate his religious beliefs.

THAT is the key difference, that is why I think this video is relevant.

Sarah Palin has no qualms about injecting her religion into politics and vice versa, but Barack Obama believes in the separation of Church and State.

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