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Relearning to Eat, Suggestions?

After the Armageddon of the kidney stone, it's clearly time to change the way I eat. I've already cut out soda entirely (sort of, I'll still have one every once in awhile for special occasions... which is quite a change from 5-7 Cokes per day). I know the things I need to stay away from, I've known that for awhile, my biggest problem is what I SHOULD eat.

Once I take out all of the things I shouldn't be eating.... I just don't know what to eat. Sure, for big dinners and such it's no big deal, but just every day eating, I'm at a total loss. It's Thursday afternoon, 1pm, I just want to quickly grab some food and go back to playing WoW.... what do I eat?

Trying to avoid fast food, pizza, anything with High Fructose Corn Syrup, anything with Partially Hydrogenated Oil.... what do I grab that is easy? I can make a sandwich, that's quick... but what else? Sandwiches are going to get old really quickly.

Ok, I'm blathering. Let's cut to the chase.

I'm looking for advice. I'm looking for simple and tasty suggestions/recipes that are easy enough for daily use. Assume that rice is going to be my staple carb (cutting way back on bread and pasta). I have a badass rice cooker, so I can easily have fresh and yummy rice available at any moment during the day. I enjoy sauces that I can put over rice, but I just don't really know how to make them or more importantly what to put in them. I know I can throw a bunch of stuff in a pan and it'll generally come out yummy... I just don't know what. Crock pot stuff is good, something that I can toss in the crock pot and then spoon over rice is awesome.

Any and all suggestions/recipes are welcome. Feel free to post them in comments or send via email if it's too much to type in the little box. :) Help a brotha out!

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