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Comedy Central Madness

I'm sitting here with my kitten and my TV goes blank. The cable is out. Wait, no, it's just Comedy Central. I can get all of the other channels. I call up Time Warner and...

They've... stopped.... carrying it.

Let me repeat that.

They no longer provide Comedy Central. Those morons let their contract with Viacom slip and are negotiating a new one... but until the new one is done, they can't carry Viacom channels.

Dude, Comedy Central and MSBNC are almost all I watch. Seriously... and they are both Viacom.

Alright, fuck it, I'm calling another provider and switching service.

Wait, what do you mean Time Warner is the ONLY provider in my area? Don't we have laws against monopolies? Are you fucking kidding me?

The Daily Show is #1 on my list of Must Have TV. I can watch that online, but dude. How fucking stupid are the people at Time Warner?

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