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Entry Way Door or Entry Way to Hell?

When last we saw our hero, he was locked in epic battle with morons and liars. Rant incoming.

Let me 'esplain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up:

Dec 8: Order door at Westside Door.
Dec 22: Earliest projection for arrival of door.
Dec 29: Latest projection for arrival of door.
Jan 5: Call Westside Door. Find out the real delivery date is Feb 6. Lose mind.
Feb 1: Door arrives, but Westside Door doesn't tell me.
Feb 3: Fire carpenter, hire new carpenter through Home Depot.
Feb 6: Door arrives. New carpenter finds that it is the wrong size. Lose mind.
Feb 9: Go to Home Depot to order new door. They haven't received measurements from new carpenter.
Feb 16: Call Home Depot to order new door. They STILL haven't received measurements from new carpenter. Call new carpenter, tell them to get the measurements to Home Depot.
Feb 19: Home Depot still hasn't called me to say they have the measurements. I call them, yes, they have the measurements. Go to Home Depot, put together door design. Home Depot has to contact manufacturer.
Feb 23: No response from Home Depot or manufacturer... because Home Depot never sent the quote request.
Mar 1: Go to Home Depot. New guy there, doesn't have info from the previous salesperson. We start a new design. He sends off quote to manufacturer and says it'll be available on Mar 4.

Which brings us to today, March 4th. I went to Home Depot to pick up some sanding discs to use in the kitchen and stop by the door dept. A third salesperson I haven't talked to before is there. I tell him that I came in over the weekend and I was told my door quote would be available today. He asks who my salesperson was... why the hell should that matter? The information should be under my name in a computer. I don't know his name, I give a physical description and he knows who I'm talking about (Vance). He looks through Vance's paperwork and finds a quote for a door... but it doesn't have any identifying marks on it... so who knows if it's my door! /facepalm

He offers to start a new quote with me and I say no. I don't want to wait another 4 days to get a quote that I should already have! I start to get upset. I explain how long and ridiculous this process has been and why it is utterly stupid that just because Vance isn't there that I can't do business. When is Vance going to be back? on FRIDAY. Well, how awesome. What happens if Vance is fired? Does my door request just disappear into a puff of stupidity? I get a manager to come down to the floor and I tear him a new one. I explain to him in loud and forceful tones that I understand that Ernie hasn't done anything wrong, but the overall process is utterly stupid. I don't care who the salesperson is when I walk in the door. I'm not Ernie's customer or Anthony's customer or Vance's customer. I'm Home Depot's customer and when I walk in the door I expect to be helped in a prompt manner by whoever the hell is at the counter. This situation is bullshit and I'm tired of it.

Is there a solution? Not really. The new guy is having to build a new quote. We go over all of the details of the anonymous quote in Vance's paperwork and it's most likely mine. The size of the door matches what I need, but we can't be sure. Ernie says he'll need some info from the carpenter so they'll need to get it faxed over, etc. I pick up the phone on his desk, dial the phone number for the Carpenter and hand the phone to Ernie. "Talk to them. Get the information. Now." They go through a bunch of details. I sat there for another 30 minutes while he's trying to arrange all of the information in the computer. Their computer system looks like it was designed in 1982.

The installation should be approximately $600 and the quote on the door was $1090. I notice at one point, when he's adding an item to the order to "Haul Away Existing Door" that he sets the Quantity to 50. I ask him, "Are you sure the quantity should be 50? Shouldn't it be 1 with a per quantity price?" He says that it costs $50 to haul away the old door and that's how he has to enter it. Ok, there has been enough stupid stuff thus far, I'll let it go for now. He prints off a price quote and says this quote doesn't include the $1090 for the door yet.... but the quote is already at $1800+. I point out that the quote is wrong and he starts the process of reviewing each of the line items to see where the problem is.. and can't find it. I don't even know how to use the frakking system and I found it, what the hell?! Another 5 minutes go by of him going over the order to find the problem. I'm about to kill someone. I tell him the problem is the Door Hauling quantity and he blows me off. I tell him to bring up the line item for that one and change the quantity to 1 instead of 50. He says that if he does it, it won't be the right price and then they won't haul the door away. *sigh* This right here is why ignorance is bliss, because being intelligent is often painful. I tell him to print me out a line-by-line invoice of the current order. I show him the line that says:

ItemQuantityUnit PriceTotal Price
Haul Away Existing Door50$25$1250

and he STILL fights me on the quantity issue. He's clearly been shown he's wrong, but he's too proud or something to admit it to my face. I force him to change it and he does, but after another 20 minutes of paperwork bullshit I just left. I told him to call me when it was done.

I don't understand why this is so fucking hard.

I think I could probably buy the tools and the materials and build my own fucking door in less time with less frustration.

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