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Home Improvements, Not Mine

I kept meaning to write this, but I was either very tired or not feeling well, but I am finally here writing.

I spent the weekend hangin' with Theresa, Kyle and Tiffany. Kyle asked for some assistance with some work around his home. Apparently the heating ducts up in his attic had a bad day and broke and he needed to replace/fix them. Luckily, Tiffany has a friend of the family (Norm) who is brilliant and totally experienced about all things home-improvement. He's getting on in years (totally earned) so crawling around in the attic isn't on the top of his Fun To Do list. So Kyle and I worked up in the attic and Norm stood on the ladder with his head up in the attic and gave us directions.

While working on fixing the ducting though, Norm noticed that the HVAC installers had cut through too many rafters and the ceiling was weak! He showed us how to fix it! We put a 2x4 up against the ceiling (technically against a piece of plywood to distribute the pressure) and then slipped it up under the weak spot to push the ceiling back up into a flat position. We patched in some new 2x4s to the rafters and added vertical supports to hold everything in place. It was awesome! It worked perfectly. :)

It was a pleasure to help out a friend doing some great work and it was especially awesome to meet Norm and learn a ton of awesome things from him that I'll be able to use in my own home!

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