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Excellent PvP!

I have at times complained about how bad more Alliance players are at PvP.

So, I take this moment to give props where props are due. Wintergrasp is the new open PvP zone which has a game about every 3 hours. One team defends, one team attacks. The attackers win by capturing the northern Keep, the defenders win by either holding out for 30 minutes or destroying the southern assault towers.

As of late, the Alliance have been losing every fight because they tend to focus only on the thing in the front of them. While they are trying to break into the Keep a couple of Horde will sneak south and destroy the assault towers and win without any resistance.

However! Today I saw someone building a group of people specifically to guard the southern towers while the "normal" raid attacked the Keep. We gathered up at the tower the Horde general hit first. The 20 of us all worked very well as a team. People defended our healers (me!) and absolutely slaughtered the groups of Horde who attacked. We steamrolled them because they had sent the majority of their forces at us. The Keep was nearly entirely undefended because they knew they could break the towers before we entered the Keep.

Well... not this time, baby! So thumbs up to Moonlapse who organized the group and got everyone working as a team! woot!

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