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ACORN provides advice on Tax Evasion for Underage Prostitution


This group of young kids decided to run a little undercover investigation against ACORN. A man and woman walk into an ACORN office and present them with the story that she is a hooker and he is a law student who will be saving up her prostitution earnings for his eventual campaign fund when he runs for public office. They make the story even more ludicrous by saying they are trying to get a home mortgage so they can run a brothel out of it using thirteen 15 year old El Salvadorian girls as the prostitutes. Given this ludicrous story, they need tax advice so they can report the earnings (in order to make a basis to get the mortgage) and they need advice on how to arrange a mortgage.

The ACORN employees go on to explain to them how to lie on their returns to make it sound legal and how to claim the underage prostitutes as dependents, etc, etc. It's horrific.

There is also a San Bernadino video, but that one is bunk. The woman they found isn't actually identified as an ACORN employee and it has been shown that the claims she makes in the video are false. She claims to have shot and killed her husband, but the police investigated and found all of her previous husbands to be alive and well. However, the Baltimore, DC and NYC videos are utterly damning.

It's very possible that they went to 10 or 20 or 30 different ACORN offices and only came out with this handful of videos... but even in that hypothetical scenario this is utterly damning to ACORN. These people are all giving the same answers and it sounds to me like these people were all giving the same training.

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