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One Bad Apple (Support Tech)

I'm trying to hook up my HP printer to my Time Capsule because it'll autoshare the printer across the whole wifi network. The Time Capsule wasn't recognizing the printer though.

Tech: "The printer is probably not supported."

Me: "All 5 of the other Macs I have in the office can recognize the printer just fine and print perfectly, so I fail to see how it's unsupported."

Tech: "Well, that's just how some things are, a lot of printers are partially supported and some are fully supported. This one just probably isn't supported."

Me: "It's an HP printer. What modern OS in the entire world doesn't support an HP printer? Look, it doesn't make sense. All of my Macs, 10.4, 10.5, 10.6... they all recognize and can use the printer perfectly if they are plugged directly into it."

Tech: "It probably is supported for USB printing, but not Bonjour shared printing."

Me: "Before I hooked it up to the Time Capsule I had it hooked up to my iMac which was acting as the print server and successfully sharing the printer via Bonjour. I just would like to reclaim my desktop space and use the Time Capsule as the print server because it's small and already here anyway."

Tech: "Well, I'm not sure what else to say. When we see this problem, it probably means that the printer is not supported."

.... and trying NOT to yell at him...

Me: "Well, for one you can stop saying 'probably.' I get the feeling that you're trying to blow me off here because you don't want to troubleshoot this problem or you aren't skilled enough to troubleshoot this problem. 'Probably' is not an acceptable answer to my question, because if it IS supported and you're blowing me off with this 'probably not supported' answer then that wouldn't be right, would it? Until you FIND OUT if it is supported or not then you don't know if you're giving me the right answer."

Tech: "Ok, I'll look up if it's supported."

Me: "Thank you. Where can I find the list of supported printers online?"

Tech: "The only one we have is an internal list, it's not available on the web."

.... and trying NOT to yell at him...

Me: "That would be absolutely ludicrous if it were true, because then I could never check if the new printer I'm about to buy is supported by my Time Capsule. How could I ensure that I was buying a compatible printer? I couldn't. Look, the printer drivers built-in to the software aren't just magic. They have to explicitly include a driver for each printer, so they have a list and I guarantee you it's available publicly."

Tech: "It's support article HTXXXX. *time passes while I load the article* Ok, I'm looking at it here and it doesn't appear to be a supported printer."

Me: "Well, I'm looking at it too now and it DOES say that it is a built-in supported printer and I don't appreciate you dicking me around. Let me talk to a real tech."


I spoke with a real tech and we determined there is a hardware fault in my Time Capsule and they are sending me out another one asap. I got the names of the good and the douchebag tech and am filing a report about the dbag. I told the good tech too and he rightfully sounded appalled and said that they have an internal feedback tool as well and he would place a report in addition to mine.

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