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Conversations with a Skeptic

My friend, Scott, recommended a podcast to me called "Conversations with a Skeptic" because he felt it was the best series on the subject of "reasoned faith" that he had experienced.

If you would like to listen, it goes pretty fast. I listened to about 1/3 of it during my morning skate. I've uploaded the mp3s so you can listen to Conversations With A Skeptic if you'd like. If this entry interests you, please keep an eye out for the next couple as I finish the series.

My first impression is that... I totally had the wrong impression. It's not actually "conversation" with a skeptic. It's mostly just a standard sermon in which he mentions at the beginning that he used to talk and debate with an atheist each morning on the bus. So, it's really not a conversation between people of differing beliefs. :(

After listening to the first 1/3 of it, I think a better title is "Conversations with a Strawman" because the general structure consists of a series of strawmen proposed by the pastor to describe what atheists believe or how they view the world and how absurd it is or how it lacks merit and then he smashes the strawman to the ground.

I'll start my analysis in the next entry so that I can break them up by topic.

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