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Routine for 2010

Many people make resolutions for the New Year, but I would like to make a routine for the New Year. I work very well with structure and especially well with routine. I have a problem remembering to do things at times, but if I can build a routine then I don't have to actively think about it so the actions just come automatically.

This is the weekday routine I wish to nurture for 2010:

My routine will include physical exercise. Sometimes it will be roller blading. I'm going to find some other kind of direct physical exercise to mix in with the roller blading. Sometimes it will be doing the next part of my routine.

My routine will include home maintenance and improvement. Some days will just be cleaning, laundry or other simple maintenance, but other days will see actual home improvements. I did a great deal of work on the house in 2009 but there are a couple rooms which still need some work.

My routine will include real estate investing. Each day I will spend time either searching for, viewing, making offers on, closing escrow on, rehabbing, or collecting rent from real estate. I haven't had a day job in a long time so my endurance for working all day has atrophied but I've been getting better over the last couple of months and I'm going to keep pushing. My goal is to purchase at LEAST 6 properties this year. If I can make it 12, then freakin' awesome.

My routine will include cooking meals every day. I want to lose weight, but this goal isn't TO lose weight. The goal is to be healthier and stronger in general, which as a side-effect should help me lose weight.

I won't be able to do all things every day, but I want to build the following into my weekly routine. My weekly routine will include iPhone or other tech work. A little bit of income, be it passive or active, is a good thing. Spending time with Kyle has been badass so more of that only increases its badassery.

Larger goals for the year include:

Read Invest in Debt and self-direct my retirement accounts to purchase real estate promissory notes which will give me a higher yield than current investments. I don't know what kind of specific goals to set on this in terms of number, because it depends on the terms of the notes. The notes should hopefully pay over a long period of time, so it doesn't matter if I'm picking up 1 or 3 as long as that money is making money.

I'm going to procure a list of real-estate owners from a Title company and start a letter-writing campaign to find deals. Kyle and Tiffany have been working hard on this type of prospecting and I would like to follow suit.

The goal that will be the most fulfilling though is to continue growing and strengthening my relationship with Theresa in 2010. I love you, sweetie!

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