Snow Jam 2005

All photos by Rob Konigsberg

The view from just outside our hotel (the view from our hotel room was almost the same, it was just harder to really capture)

A bunch of us on our way to the party.

When skiing and snowboarding gave way to partying, we headed to the 80s room with excellent decorations.

This is Clay, Dustin and Sarah from left to right. They are all my work buddies and as you can see, they are having a _good_ time. :)

In one of the party tents, they had two go-go dancers... having an open mind is one of the things I love about my company. Not because they have go-go dancers at the party, but because the go-go dancers are actually cross-dressing men. :)

This is a repeat of Dustin and Sarah, but I wanted to get Rob in there!

After the party, we headed back to my hotel room for general chillin'. You can tell I'm tired.

Adam... chillin.

Phil... chillin. He's a madman on the dance floor, too. :)

Lily... happy and chillin. I met her on my first trip to Mountain View after we got acquired. Steve and I were wandering around looking for someone to play foosball with and we found her. She's a load of fun.

General chillin abounds in Casa de Kenny y Rob.

Rollin with the homies on our way out of the hotel in the morning. (Wearing my Buff that Jeff and Maia got me for Christmas!)

Marija hanging out at the bar while we wait for our flight home.

Marija and Steve joking around while Sarah and I talk FarScape while we wait for our flight.