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Going Crackers
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Don't know whether you've seen it yet or not, but the theme items for Battlefield Glass III round 1 have been announced.

They are:
- a flat lead casting of a camel
- a pair of filigree wings
- a red faceted jewel

No problem!

These things will become components of a stained glass box emulating the little paperboard box that animal crackers come in.

Specifically, I'll build a stained glass box that looks like an animal crackers box. The camel and other animals will be in the same plane as the glass, and I'll add bars over them so it will be slightly 3-D on each long side of the box.

The filigree wings will be corner decoration for each side (will buy another pair of them) and the red jewel will either be part of the general design or -- more likely -- part of the latch to hold the box shut.

I'll use some labelling or paint to make the "Animal Crackers" words on the glass, because the scale will be too small to make the words out of glass.

But wait, you say, there's only one camel, and animal cracker boxes have four animals per side, all different. That's true. I looked for more animals on-line, and the glass company has more camels for sale, as well as some other critters, like rabbits, cats, bats, and geese, but they're all inappropriate.

So what I'm going to do is cast my own animals to go with the camel. I first thought of buying a lump of clay, a crucible, and some lead to melt, but then realized I could just melt solder instead (although that would be more expensive). I'll press real animal cookies into the clay to form a mould and the pour in molten lead or solder. They should take only a moment to set, and then I can use them in the project too. Should be fun!

Here's the general idea (this image stolen from the web; modern cracker boxes are fancier than this game box; I'll buy one and scan it for the final project photos; they definitely include camels on the sides of their boxes):

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