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A number of Star Fleet Battles On-Line players have gotten together and formed a World League, with teams representing different US regions or states, or other parts of the world. The entire group has been divided into four leagues, each with three teams.

Each team has one person play an opponent from one of the other teams within the league, and a running tally of wins-losses is kept for the team as a whole. The best team from each league will advance to a play-off tree to determine the overall winner.

I'm on Team Britannia: a couple Brits needed a third teammate, and being an Anglophile and having spent a good chunk of time over there, they accepted me into their team.

Last night was my first World League game (against an excellent player from Team Illinois), with the result of having to send this note out:

To the Admiralty:

With deep regret I humbly inform you that HMS Minnow, our Hydran ship, was last seen listing and taking on vacuum somewhere near the Romulan-controlled section of the galaxy after fiercely engaging a KR captained by wralph.

After a tough fight lasting 9 turns, she succumbed to the threat of enveloped torpedoes since only two shields remained to deflect them. With only one shuttle, one phaser-1, and an empty *just-repaired* hellbore, she had few weapons capable of threatening retaliation at the range where
the Romulan would conduct launches.

This is likely the hardest match-up for the Hydrans, so we expect to have better news next time (Feb. 9, at 8 am PDT).

-- I hope they forgive the loss --

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