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Rather Stressed
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Was down at Nulab all yesterevening setting up their internal FileMaker Pro databases so that they can access them via the web.

Feeling very stressed about getting these consulting projects and Battlefield Glass entry done. Even went to the extent of cancelling all gaming indefinitely.

Much sadness, and much stress.

At least Nulab didn't call today, so that prolly means things are working as they should be.


And in other news, here's Willeke's latest propsal...

I am working on a proposal for the Mellon Foundation, trying to get funding for an online Egyptological encyclopedia. I would like to involve you for a good chunck (almost fulltime, leaving you enough time to come to Egypt too) with this project, which should run for years and hopefully will render enough funding to keep itself going. Would you be interested in that? Needless to say, this entire project is still completely up in the air. When I have a first budget outline (hopefully later this week) I will talk to the North Campus research funding advisor, before we even approach the Mellon foundation.

My objective is to create a multi-layered website with information written by the top-specialists in the world and edited / maintained by graduate students under your supervision. This creates funding possibilities for graduate students and excellent web-based information for colleagues (by subscription) and the general audience (for free), with the addition of relevant illustrations (maps, photographs, reconstructions, video: e.g., low resolution for free, high resolution by subscription).

Wow. Where does she get these ideas? Perhaps it's back to UCLA for me in the near future. She wants to know what my salary ought to be, so I'll let her know and go from there.

Which reminds me, the guy in charge of the Digital Cuneiform Library suggested I get back in touch with him in June, when he knows whether his grant proposal for a MySQL / PHP programmer will be funded. We'll have to see about that option as well.

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