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Beasts and Predictions
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I forgot to mention another DVD set I watched on the train last week: Walking with Prehistoric Beasts, which is nearly as good as Walking with Dinosaurs, which was excellent, but perhaps not quite up to Dinosaurs because of having to model fur and feathers rather than just scales. The second Beasts disc isn't worth much.

I'm currently watching Ice Age, which I picked up at Blockbuster used; viewing this back-to-back with Beasts makes it especially funny. Beasts has all kind of ferocious animals, including sabre-tooth cats and mammoth... er... mammoths. Ice Age has cuter and cuddlier versions of both. Heh.

Battlefield Glass round 1 voting begins tomorrow.

40 of 72 people won't be advancing, which leaves 32 for round 2.

Predictions for the set of 72 follow:

How many people won't turn in something for this round? I'd guess 7.

How many will chop their camel up? Let's go with 1.

How many will use the filigree wings on angels? Perhaps 20.

How many totally wacko projects will there be? I'd be surprised at fewer than 12.

How many people will use the camel in an attempt to make it the Joe Camel character from cigarette fame? Estimating 3.

How many will use the camel in a desert / pyramids design: 13.

How many will put the wings on the camel? Weird, but I'll go with 4.

How about the wings on the jewel? Say 2.

Camel in a circus context? Going with 4.

How many of last year's entrants will be eliminated in this round: Nunc.

Other people using cast animals like I did (but not making their own): 3.

Cost of making all these predictions: Priceless.

Hmmm. All these numbers seem low.

Time will tell, and so will the voting. I'm very keyed up right now with anticipation. Not advancing would mean crushing disappointment, so tell all your friends to vote for the "NOW WITH CAMELS!!" entry!

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