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Very quite here tonight because Shelley's out pitching her new idea for a TV series and she took the dogs to drop them off at their sitter's place for the week.

I'm busy packing and trying to finish up some last-minute coding for Katja, plus backup my computer before the trip. Kind of stressful overall.

But you may be wondering about Shelley's brilliant new idea for a TV series. Since she has announced her web site and handed out flyers to potential participants, I'll introduce it to you.

Every year the networks spend gazillions of dollars developing new TV series, and quite a few of them don't go very far. Now, I reckon that they run their ideas by some focus groups or otherwise try to get some feel for a show's potential before they try it out for a season, but even so, many or even most of them flop.

What if all of America actually had a say in what shows a TV network launches? And even better than that, what if people had a show to watch that offered a preview of each potential show that people could vote on to have made into a full series? You know that show "American Idol" where the TV audience gets to vote via web and phone for the performers they like? What if they could do that for a number of potential TV series?

Enter "American Pilot", Shelley's show of shows, her idea for a series of 20-minutes pilots that are competing against each other to be made into full-fledged future TV series. Responses to this idea have ranged from enthusiastic to excited!

'Most every thinks it's a great idea, including her super-mentors of recent aquaintance. These Hollywood powers have even given her AP's first submission to help kick off presentations to network execs. We're pretty sure that good number of submissions will come in from people who have shot short pieces but haven't been able to do much with them.

They'll send their short pilots in to Shelley, who will take a number of them and convince network powers that this whole idea will save them loads of cash by 1) reducing risk as to which shows will make good series, and 2) give them a way to produce pilots themselves with relatively little cost.

We've got a new P.O. box, a new web site, and a new idea. What do you think of it?

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