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Tummy sick
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At sea all day today, occasionally seeing other ships on the horizon, sometimes closer sometime further, mostly other cruise liners passing or paralleling.

Last night's comedian (John Pinney) was most amusing. We've signed up for our shore excursion at Cozumel, Mexico, now. We plan to take a jungle kayak tour, although the trip to the Maya site of Tulume on the coast sounds very tempting as well, and that's where Paul and Brenda plan to go for the day.

Today's big event: Chocoholic Buffet. So in preparation we have a late sit-down lunch and consume plenty there. Of course the waiter, Peter from Hungary, gives me strange glances because I order both the cold soup (a sweet chocolate one, as it happens) and then the garlic potato soup as well. I feel somewhat less guilty about eating so much because I spent two hours with Nadia this morning working out: one hour of her Step & Sculpt class and one hour of Yoga. Man, but my legs hurt now!

So, that buffet... wow! Chocolate in many sizes and shapes and consistencies and colors! On, under, inside, outside, chopped, smothered, filled, baked, creamy, hot, cold... there's almost no end to how they offered it up, and in huge amounts!

Read my book up on the sun deck for a while in the afternoon while digesting in preparation for dinner, then we attended the "Not so newly wed game" in the evening. It was mildly amusing. Played a few games of air hockey in the micro arcade they have next to the casino. Even tried a few slot machines and video poker. Slot machines are incredibly boring: insert coin, press button, watch spin. Repeat until coins all gone. Shelley did better at video poker, but in the end we lost all our money, to the sum total of $5.00. Had to try it, eh?

Went to bed not feeling very well at all, because of eating too much today. Far too much. Some other people in our group are being affected by the roll and pitch of the ship, which apparently is worse than usual. I think it's fun, and remindful that we are on a ship, even though it's very, very big.

I've never been out of sight of all land before, like today; here's another cruise liner on the horizen.

Let them eat chocolate! I held up the line a bit taking photos, but lots of people had cameras for this event. Everyone should get to experience this once.

Here's a chocolate tree with chocolate birds in it.

And a big chocolate Eiffel Tower. I'm pretty sure none of the sculptures were allowed to be eaten, and they probably re-use them for a while, but they are cool.

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