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As you can see, a fair amount of time this weekend has gone into catching up journal entries for the cruise.

That, and taking care of a serious problem with my on-line game. Of course this would have to happen the day I left. Somehow some of the game's database tables got corrupted and caused about a half-dozen games to not provided players with information normally needed to play. That took several hours to determine and get straightened out with the ISP having to recover the tables for me because their system won't let me do it myself. They're not all that helpful, but so few places would even host such a game (and for a good price) that it's not feasible to move it just for that reason.

Took Becky the bike out for two 13-mile rides today and yesterday. Very nice weather here -- crystal clear air as a result of last week's rains that we missed :-(

This week I have to deal with Katja's Pyramid Texts databases again. She's changed the requirements on me once more for how she wants them to behave and link into each other. It's as frustrating on this end as the other.

Willeke has called a meeting for the Egyptological Encyclopedia tomorrow afternoon which is terribly inconvenient for me, but important enough that I'll drive to UCLA to attend it. (Was that a bug of some sort I caught on the plane home Friday? It seems so. Cough. Cough, cough.) People from the UCLA Digital Humanities Center will also be present, and Willeke says the project's taking on a life of its own already and many people have become excited by it.

Now we just need the funding, and no doubt much of this meeting will be purposed to work out details for making a good grant proposal to the Mellon Foundation and/or NEH and/or NSF. Even if taking the job meant 10 weeks in Egypt, it would probably be worth it. Nothing has or will happen with regard to changing jobs until and unless serious funding comes through, at which point I'll be sure to let y'all know.

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