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Same Old Grind
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Shiny of Teeth
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Strike three for my grinding teeth. Today's visit to the dentist resulted in him also telling me to get something to put in my mouth at night, to stop the back teeth grinding the rest of their enamal off. I guess my stern lecture to them has gone unheeded.

At least this dentist (unlike the previous two) didn't try to talk me into a custom-fit solution that costs hundreds of smackers (only half of which insurance companies would pick up). Instead, he told me to go to a sports store and spend $1.99 on a mouth guard and trim it to fit comfortably. Or if that does not work out, try the local chain drug store for one, for a mere $25.

Guess I'll have to do that soon. I had no idea that my teeth have been carrying on all this activity in my head at night (apparently for some time now). I thought that noise was a result of my brain cells getting it on. Oh well.

At least the teeth are not making my jaw muscles sore, and they're also not allowing the bad germs to make any holes. Still no cavities!

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