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Flying Lessons?
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Been thinking a lot of taking flying lessons recently (the last two months or so). We have this handy-dandy Burbank airport just around the corner. Biggest problem is, they're rather expensive, probably running into the $6,000+ range for just a basic license.

My grandfather used to have such a license. I know two other people who do. If my mom moves out to Idaho, it would be a nice way to go up for a visit. Also for dropping in on friends in the central part of the state, and maybe even hopping over to Texas now and then.

Noticed on Friday, as well as yesterday and today, that someone has a vintage two-seater WWII aircraft parked at Burbank. It's amongst the other private planes there, and not painted. Sure would be fun to fly in one of those! Saw the local squadron of Texans flying around here yesterday as well. Who can blame them with the gorgeous weather for getting some flying time in?

Found out that the North American Top Gun group that lets people fly/ride in WWII planes is already in our area on their annual nationwide tour. I had been saving my pennies to take a ride in June, having assumed that's when they'd be in California like the last two years. So I'm now officially bummed to have to either wait another year or try to catch them in Las Vegas in the fall.

And Shelley's no doubt thinking now: "Great... another hobby, and even more expensive than the others...."

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