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With a little help from our canine friends, Shelley's rose garden expanded a good bit this weekend.

For her birthday she's ending up with a half-dozen new rose plants to put along the front of the house. Two came from the local nursery, and the rest from Jackson & Perkins, who may be considered Shelley's new pusher. Thanks to Brenda and Paul for that!

As some of you may know, Shelley doesn't collect anything, dabbles in no hobbies, and has a very short wishlist. Well... now that she knows about J & P, and has admitted to thinking that she would consider gardening a hobby, it should become a little easier to find things to buy for her!

Roses comes in a huge variety of colors, sizes, shapes, fragrances, etc., so she has fun picking out ones that seem interesting. I certainly don't mind: original rose is my favorite fragrance, and variations on it usually aren't too bad :-)

Sparky helps plant roses

One of the blooms by our house

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