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Fairly Tired

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We held our annual Civilization-a-thon, as every game of Advance Civilization is wont to be, since it takes so long to play.

Jenn, Kenny, Kris, Catherine, and Johnnie came over around noon and left around 11 hours later. I played Crete, as is often the case, but came in fifth, darn it! Not sure where I went wrong. Maybe nowhere, just other people did better.

We played the variant where certain cities count as an extra resource card. With only seven players, I think that let too much money into the game. It would work better with eight players when each hasn't so much room on the map. If we play with seven again, we should not use that variant.

But a good day overall, with free-flowing food and drinks, including Shelley's hummus snack and her BBQed chicken as the main dinner course. We didn't even get to the watermelon.

Because of the long game today, that's the only gaming for this weekend. Last night we finally got the wall map of the world back up in the office, using double-sided carpet tape to stick it to the wall this time -- with much better results.

My civilization is better than your civilization!

Civilized Cat (he just curled up there, we didn't pose this shot)

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