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Mosaic with Bevels?!?
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One of the first things I read in my mosaics book is that one chooses mosaic glass for its reflective properties, not its light-transmitting ones, because the glass is laid in a base of cement.

So what do the sadists at Battlefield: Glass do? They send us round 3 theme items consisting of a large clear bevel set! That, plus some hard-to-see "brooch-like things" that will have to be seen in person for evaluation.

We already have a good idea of what to make out of these, however. It involves tearing out the guest bathroom countertop and sink. I'll probably underlay the bevels with colored foil and make a mosaic countertop to go with a new sink basin. Have to go for the shock and awe aspect from now on.

Most of the veterans have continued on, but I just noticed that one of the people who made it all the way to round 5 last year got eliminated this year in round 1 -- that was the person who made the Nessie project, which I thought should have advanced.

Another interesting thing to note is that two people who entered last year but failed to get a project in for round 1 did the exact thing this year. I guess they like paying $25 entry fees to the company!

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