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Just got back from a walk 'round the block. Everything below the knees is pretty much soaked. But it's nice being outside with the water coming down all around - just have to carry a bigger umbrella next time.

Starting today, I'm going to spend at least an hour each day reading at the office. Work-related stuff, for sure, but not technical manuals. I'm talking books about digital copyright, sociology of cyberspace, technology issues, things like that. It will be good to give the eyes a rest from the screen, and provide a good break from coding, keep the brain cells active, and clear my wishlist a bit.

AFter many weeks absence, I played my first Star Fleet Battles Online (SFBOL) game last night in a tournament. It's the first time I've lost in round one. Unfortunately, my long break made for some elementary errors that lost it for me.

Still, it was a tense game with the outcome uncertain for seven turns. He had a Romulan Firehawk to my Hydran; we danced for a bit, then separated. Leaving us separated would have proved my death knell, so I risked (and made) a second HET, charged him all the way across the map to get back into range, then caused him some grief for a couple of turns with my secondary weapons (he had shot off the primary ones on our first go-round).

This strategy would have been successful, I believe, but for some mistiming and less-than-careful attention to maneauvering details when we engaged. Lesson: play at least a couple times a month to stay in shape.

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