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Lot of anti-spam articles in today's news. I have heavy doubts that any of them will work effectively to eliminate spam from our lives, because spammers can just move off-shore to avoid US laws and penalties. But the efforts are laudable, even if the acronyms are silly.

One is called the CAN-SPAM act, and it's an effort for the feds to make a national policy. Unfortunately, it's less strict than state laws, so weakens them.

Virginia made fraud-based spamming a felony. Go VA!

And Representative Lofgren intends to introduce the Restrict and Eliminate Delivery of Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (REDUCE) Spam Act, which is designed specifically to reward whistle-blowers who report infractions.

Some of the spammers have gotten very creative, with subject lines like re: Your Loan Application and generic things like that that make for easy bait in the subject line. Jerks.

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