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Vote for my mosaic project! (It's the bathroom sink with the aquarium scene.)

Quite an interesting set of entries this round. Three or four are dopey, uncreative projects that I really expect to fall by the wayside this time. You'll know them when you see them because they're head and shoulders below the others.

Of course others range from very creative to unaesthetic to gorgeous but not all that creative, with regard to the theme items. Many people admitted to not having made mosaics before, and stuck to a standard panel approach and simply substituted grout for solder/lead between the pieces. That is, they did not use a gazillion tiny pieces to make a mosaic.

Mine's somewhat guilty of this last bit, but the whole ocean area is true mosaic, so I'll criticize some of them for that a bit, especially the ones that are designed to be lit from behind but are just large panels in design.

Well, we shall know in a week about advancing. I think mine stands an excellent chance of beating a few of them, but whether it will overcome at least eight remains to be seen. Given previous contests and rounds, I decline to predict this competition any more.

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