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Back at the dog show on May 18 they had a silent auction. I bid on, and won by default, a batch of some 35 CDs that someone had donated. I bought them with the goal of selling them on eBay, which I did this week because they had a half-off listing fee day.

I easily made back the $90 spent on the CDs, plus a good chunk of change more. And not all the CDs sold, so I'll relist them and try another week of exposure. If those 9 don't sell, I'll give them away, or try taking them to a used CD excahnge store.

Made a lot of progress on the Battlefield: Glass entries, but they're not quite done because several of the steps require application of silicone and it has to dry between steps. It's been rather chilly and gloomy here so the silicone's taking longer than usual to set. But they're coming together well. I just don't think they'll advance me to the next round. Which is fine. I'm tired of building stuff with junk. I'd rather put the time into making some nice things for the house.

On Friday I found out that the Van Nuys airport was hosting an air expo this weekend. (Found out by seeing a huge plane land there while walking across campus, and then all afternoon hearing fighter planes overhead of my office building as they landed.) An air expo has a lot more irrelevant booths, and a lot less flying than a regular air show, as I found out Saturday afternoon. At least it was free.

The best part was a modern F-18 Hornet fighter jet flying over alongside a vintage Corsair prop-driven fighter plane. The jet had to fly along at a steep angle just to keep down to the speed of the corsair. On the tarmac they also had a B-52 and a Starlifter -- both HUGE planes -- that one could go in.

The Navy flew over an F-18 and a WW II Corsair.

Too many modern planes, not enough vintage ones for my taste.

B-52 from the rear -- for scale, note the people at the bottom looking into the bomb bay.

Rode with the bike club again, both days this weekend. Only a short route on Saturday because of the air expo, but on Sunday 55 miles -- Northridge to Santa Monica and back, via Topanga Canyon on the way there, and Sepulveda Pass on the return. Only six of us did that ride (generally fewer people on Sundays), but most enjoyable nevertheless. Not a faster pace, just more miles. July 4th weekend I hope to a long route (60+ miles) on Saturday and a medium one (40+ miles) on Sunday. After that, maybe long ones back-to-back.

Star Trek: Nemesis is like most other Trek movies, so you should know what to expect by now. However, it has one great scene of the Big E ramming the enemy ship! Yummy.

Shelley took us to the WB screening of Alex and Emma, which had its moments, but turned out too predictably. The best parts appear in the previews.

Heh, almost forgot. While riding on Saturday we passed one or more bookstores, with lines out their doors for the new Harry Potter adventure. Brenda says she got one the same day, with no line... because she went to Target. Not the place most people think of to buy books apparently. Anyway, I haven't even read number three yet. Since the movies are so much like the books, I reckon I'll just rent the DVD when it comes out.

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