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Today's morning ride broke the 1,000-mile mark for Becky (my bike). Just a regular ride in the cool morning air before the 90-100 degrees expected in the afternoon.

Shelley's been a bit frustrated lately because of her agent putting down period pieces. So we did a little research... and defined period pieces as anything set at least 25 years ago (such that you don't just go out to a store to buy the characters' garb). If you go back to at least 50 years ago, most of our numbers remain unchanged.

For the past ten years, 80% of the Best Picture awards went to period flicks. For the same years, 60-70% of movies nominated for Best Picture were period pieces (in 1998 all five were set in ages past).

This just goes to show that of all the movies made in a given year, period pieces have a higher than average chance of getting nominated, and if so, a much higher chance of winning the most glamourous title.

So anyone that says Hollywood won't make period pieces is just full of it.

And obviously doesn't know their history.

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