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So much for getting anything done this weekend. Up too late last night gaming and chatting with Larry. Woke up with a headache that stuck around most of today, which turned too hot for my liking.

Tried to get a little stuff done, decided my mood would only get worse, so feh -- put it off and go see Pirates of the Caribbean. Good decision, for it's a fun summer movie. Recommended. And be sure to stay through all the long credits for a little something extra.

Prolly the headache came from dehydrating on yesterday's ride. Anyway, we had a big early dinner at Tony Roma's, then came home and finished watching Ladyhawke (which brings back some memories) and took a look a the thriller Phone Booth, which we liked quite a bit.

Regarding Ladyhawke... back in 1987 when I started cycling from Scotland to Land's End, but had the accident near Newcastle-upon-Tyne, I ended up staying at a friend's flat on Oxford Street in London for a while.

During the stay I looked up some category such as "arms & armour" in the yellow pages and found a place that made such things a little way out of town, to the north. I cycled out there and found them, and browsed through their boxes of mostly movie props. Amongst the stuff I found a sword that they told me was the actual one used in Ladyhawke.

Being a poor college student at the time meant no chance of affording it, although I don't believe they had all that high a tag on it -- nothing like today when studios auction off props for astounding prices. So I've certainly regretted not buying it now and then, but that was a long time ago and mostly out of my control anyway.

As a weapon, it was worthless. The hilt gems look nice on screen, but in person the paste, er, lacks luster. It would be valuable today as a collector's item, of that I have no doubt. Aw well, would have been hard to carry back on my bike anyway. ;-)

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