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Electricity? We don't need no steeeenking electricity!

So there we were yesterday evening drinking Kahlua mudslides and TGI Friday's orange cream drink mixes watching Shanghai Knights on DVD when the power went off. Not to be interrupted in our movie, we simply unplugged the portable from the TV and brought it closer so that we could continue despite a lack of electricity. Eventually the power returned and our fans kicked on again, which made things much better because it's rather hot and humid here thanks to the recent storm in the Gulf of Mexico.

Cycling this morning and the past day or two hasn't been that much fun because of the humidity, and since it's expected to hang around for the next couple of days, if I go riding with the club it will be on shorter treks. But I did ride all five days this week, starting at 5:40 am each day. It feels good through the day as a result of having done so, even if it does feel more like swimming with so much water in the air. Amazing that it can some all the way from Texas.

Business class on Monday increased the fire in me to do my own thing, and I have several aspects of that project moving forward in parallel right now. These include writing a business plan, finding out more about turn-key package solutions for making panoramas, locating a portable for presenting panoramas to those with funding, and ordering QuickTime 6 books to get back up to speed on the software for presenting them. We did the expected introductions, and people thought my ideas good, so time for a little pro-activity. No... time for a *lot* of pro-activity.

My first-ever check for Property360 arrived yesterday. I think I forgot to say back on July 4th that I drove down to Torrence and visited the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu facility, where they have a room dedicated as a museum. They wanted a panorama of this room for their web site, one that would entice people to pay a visit in person to learn more about their martial art's history, etc. This arrangement happened because their web developer knows Kenny, and Kenny knew that I made panos and he put us in touch.

Anyone up for a really bad movie? Watch Brotherhood of the Wolf, if you are. I barely made it through, mostly only because Shelley did, which surprised me. If you see copies of this film lying about, do the world a favor and destroy them.

Oh, yeah... Shanghai Knights isn't nearly as good as Shanghai Noon, but it's not terrible.

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