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Tujunga Fire
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Got on the train in Northridge this afternoon and could see much smoke in the direction and approximate distance of our house. Thankfully it's a little bit further north of our place (like a couple miles -- no danger, cannot even smell the smoke (so far)).

The smoke plume had a much cooler look to it during the ride home. By the time of the photo from the hill above our house, the plume had spread out and dissipated, probably because they got the fire under control. I could see actual flame from the train as bushes or small trees went up in a blaze of glory.

The Coolpix arrived today, but unfortunately the fisheye lens won't arrive until Monday. So no experimentation with the panos this weekend. I'll learn about the camera, though, and be ready for the lens' arrival next week. Took a few pictures with the new camera so far and they came out fine.

The Smithling should arrive tonight. Brenda's high blood pressure pretty much forced them to induce, so it's not long now before my next niece arrives in Dallas. We're going to visit her in mid-September.

Oh yeah -- found a third 7-11 a little north of campus, along my usual walking route. Got one to the south by the Indian grocery store and homebrew shop, got one by the post office and drug store... they're everywhere. That means three ways to get 40 ounces of icy-cold goodness in the form of Diet-Pepsi Slurpees!

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