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Okay, okay... (wipes away the tears)

For all you would-be and are-now writers out there, do as I say, and go take a look at the 2003 Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest Results. See how far you can get before you need to wipe away the tears.

So far no luck in getting a decent panorama out of the fisheye lens. The hemisphere stitching software seems pretty finicky. I've pretty much given up hope on the fisheye as a solution, because even a non-stitched image just does not show the resolution I want.

Wednesday night after picking up my long-delayed new glasses lenses, we ate dinner out at Olive Garden, and drove home underneath one of the best sunsets ever. With gorgeous blending shades of purple and orange on a soft overhang of pillowed clouds, that took ages to receed, it made the perfect ending of the day.

Looks like the French can make a decent movie, despite most of them being out on a fringe. Check out Blue to see what I mean.

No gaming for us tonight. Early to bed, for tomorrow morning we ride the 9th Annual Cool Breeze Century and have to get up at dawn to drive up the coast to the starting line. Should be fun, since they limit it to 1200 riders, provide food and drink stops, and the sea-side temperatures should stay moderate.

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