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The eBay site has a used Panoscan system, and I'm on the cusp of buying it. On the edge of making the fifth-largest single purchase of my life. It's terrifying.

But also potentially liberating, and life-changing. And it's only money, right?

Over the past couple of weeks of spending hour upon hour of experimenting with panorama creation with different arrangements of software and hardware, there's no doubt that Panoscan is the best tool for the job (even an older Mark-I system like this one).

There are alternatives, and most are substantially cheaper. But they require much more time and effort to produce an end product, which may or may not be of acceptable quality. So are they truly alternatives? Hard to say.

We lack control settings -- there are too many variables. In such a situation, I can spend weeks second-guessing myself. It seems like the best way to go for simple peace of mind is get the right tool and try it -- take the plunge.

If it doesn't work out, probably some of the investment is recoverable. If I never try it, I know myself well enough to know that I'll be rather bitter in old age for not doing so.

If it does work out... well, that's what it's all about.

Nay... WHEN it works out...



So by this time tomorrow I may be substantially poorer in the bank account area, but starting an endeavour with no end in sight. Or someone might come along and swipe the camera with a higher bid. I hope not.

My dog, I hope not.

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