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Jenn's Day
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Today -- Judgement Day -- is Jenn's birthday! Woo! Go Jenn!

The people at Panoscan turned out to be very helpful in figuring out the problem with the computer recognizing the camera: the drivers that talk to the FireWire / SCSI converter won't work under Mac OS 9 when emulated in OS 10.

The drivers will work when the Mac boots into a real version of OS 9, however, but then there's the problem that Apple's newest line of portable computers not being able to boot into OS 9. Like the one I just bought.

Ergo, I have to track down an older Mac portable in order to have a system that will boot natively to OS 9 to get the camera working. That means sending back my brand new PowerBook G4, DVD burner and all.

(Well... I don't HAVE to send back the new Mac, but there's no real need to keep a new $1800 machine when an older used -- cheaper -- one will do the trick.)

So on the schedule for tomorrow is a visit to a local used-Macintosh store to see whether they have something suitable.

Wish me luck.

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